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Kindle Refunds

Several authors are currently petitioning Amazon to severely reduce the time limit on refunds of Kindle books. At present if you buy a book from Amazon you have up to a week to ask for a refund. It's a very easy process. You simply click on "manage my Kindle" which gives you a list of books you have bought. Against the one you want refunded you click "Actions" and "Return for refund".  Next time you switch on your Kindle (or other device) the book will be gone, and the money will be back in your account.

The authors of the petition want the time limit for refunds reduced to 1 hour. They state - quite rightly - that it is possible to read the entire book in a week, and then return it for a refund. Unscrupulous readers (gosh, it feels odd typing those words together) could read as many books as they liked and never pay for them. (Almost like, oh, I don't know, a library.)

I thought long and hard about whether to put my name to the petition. It is u…