The Haven Series

My first book was published by Covenant Communications in 2000. Haven was a gentle tale of one woman's ability to reach out to others and change their lives, and was set in a bed-and-breakfast in North Wales, where I lived  at the time. It was very successful, and I was asked to write a sequel.

Many years later the books were revised and updated and published by Walnut Spring Press, including the third and final book in the trilogy, Christmas at Haven. Each book tells the story of a set of guests who arrive at Haven, Gwen Anderton's guest house, bringing problems and issues which Gwen, and often the other guests, help them to solve. There's a touch of romance, some intrigue and conflict, but overall they are inspiring and uplifting novels aimed at LDS women.

As a young woman, Gwen Evans turned her parents’ farmhouse in North Wales into a bed and breakfast. Here she lives quietly, creating a restful retreat for visitors, sharing her simple faith with them, and touching their lives in lasting ways. In this isolated corner of Wales, guests find tranquility in the stillness of the lake and the majestic, rugged mountains dotted with sheep.
Peace is certainly what Alison Melton is searching for. This family holiday in Wales is her desperate attempt to renew the bond she and her husband once shared. Megan and her sister Charlotte come to Haven searching for a vital link in their family history, but the comfortable and secure lives they have known are threatening to dissolve. Australian-born Oscar and his two British cousins have come to Haven at the insistence of their grandmother, who hopes to reconcile her divided family. Then there’s Edward Anderton, a widower who has returned to Haven repeatedly over the years, drawn to Gwen’s compassion and cheer. But will he face an insurmountable barrier in her determination to only marry a man who shares her faith?

Author Anna Jones Buttimore has drawn on the beauty and wonder of Wales to create an exquisite and tender novel about one woman’s ability to reach out to others, and the gifts of love she receives in return.

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Gwen and Edward Anderton's bed and breakfast in the beautiful hills of Wales is a vacation spot, a hiding place, a refuge. For each guest, Haven is something different, tied to very individual reasons for being there. The current guests are no exception.

Belinda Hunt and her young son have fled to Haven to escape their past. The one thing Bel is sure of is that her angry, abusive husband will be on her trail and very soon. Brian McNaught takes his meals in his room, rebuffs all overtures of friendship, and disappears into the hills each day. He is fighting a personal battle, and Gwen struggles to reach out to him. Edward s daughter, Angela, has brought to Haven both her young family and her anger and bitterness towards her father s new wife. As Gwen tries to reach out to Angela in love, she finds her cherished LDS faith is a particular stumbling block. Then there are the handsome and bright young Irishmen, Steven and Danny, who have come to Wales for some outdoor adventure. The journey awaiting them, however, is more than they bargained for.

Escape to Haven is an exciting and thoroughly satisfying novel about a special place where dreams are renewed, peace is discovered, and lives are changed.

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Gwen Anderton is looking forward to a peaceful Christmas with her husband Edward in their beautiful home in Wales. A bed and breakfast, Haven is usually closed for the season, but Gwen makes an exception when her openly hostile stepson plans a visit. Additional guests, she hopes, will make things bearable. Justin Michaelson is delighted to return to Haven, and to bring his quirky and feisty fiancĂ©e Myrtle, but his doubts over whether he should marry her are exacerbated when she takes exception to Gwen's LDS faith. Fading Hollywood star Jacy Grayson is filming a movie in the rugged Welsh mountains. Desperately clinging to her former fame and glory, she almost fails to recognize the love of the man who has been with her through good times and bad. Also among the visitors are Alan and Judy Fuller, who are trying to escape the seasonal reminders of their greatest sorrow--their inability to have children. As always Gwen longs to help, but their heartache is one she shares. In this atmosphere of uncertainty, sparks fly as the guests are trapped at Haven by the snow. 

It takes all the magic of Christmas and the faith and love of their remarkable hostess to restore the light and joy the guests long for, even as she comes to realize this Christmas at Haven may be her last.

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