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Six Reasons There's No Such Thing as a Bad Review

My eighth/first (long story) book was published last month. It's called Haven, and it's a gentle tale set in the mountains of North Wales, about how one woman's faith has a profound effect on those around her.

I'm currently in full book-selling mode, and that means I need to encourage lots of reviews on Havenon Amazon, Goodreads, blogs, etc. A few lucky reviewers have received advance reading copies, and their reviews are starting to spring up.

I told my reviewers to be completely honest in their review, and I meant it. Even if they hated it, I told them, please still review it, because there is no such thing as a bad review.

Well, the first review popped up, and gave it only three stars. The main complaint was that one of the characters was very irritating and closed-minded, and that the book was too Mormon.

I wasn't disheartened by the review for several reasons.

1. That irritating character was supposed to be irritating. I was making a point with her about the u…