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Hoping to escape his grief over the loss of his beautiful wife Heather, Michael Boyd leaves behind his New York precinct and his gun to embark on a police-exchange program. As a police officer in rural North Wales, he is struck by the tenacity and resourcefulness of Catrin Pritchard, a single mother with a frightening past. It appears that her brother Seth is involved in drug dealing and something much bigger.

After Seth's sudden death, Michael is forced to overcome Catrin's hostility and her wariness to trust anyone, especially a man. Michael vows to protect her and her young daughter from the unknown assailants trying to silence them, and he and Catrin must decipher the meaning of the mysterious code etched on the back of a valuable oil painting.

As the threats and terror escalate, Michael finds himself betrayed by those closest to him even the Heather he remembers and realizes Catrin was right not to trust anyone. But when they find themselves trapped in an underground cave with the tide rising, one of those people is their only hope for escape.

Every newlywed couple worries about bringing baggage to a marriage. But when Rodney and Claire Hewlett open a suitcase and discover a small fortune in cash while honeymooning in Spain, they find themselves in a deadly race to the light-studded Eiffel Tower. This thrilling tale will take you by plane, train, and boat across Europe in an adrenaline-pumping ride that won't end until the very last page.

Published January 2011 by Cedar Fort

When Harley comes home after two years as a missionary he’s looking forward to seeing his mum Jeannie, and sister Bina, and settling into his normal life. Instead, he finds his old friends have moved on, his sister doesn’t laugh at his jokes anymore, and his mum treats him like a child.

Then he meets Simon, an evangelical Christian, and his life cartwheels in a direction he never anticipated. With new friends and new beliefs, he concludes his mum has been lying to him his whole life.

Jeannie is convinced that nothing could ever disrupt her forever family; they’ve already survived so much, including the death of her beloved husband. But when her son returns from the mission field and makes a life-changing decision she can’t understand, Jeannie finds her family disintegrating around her.

Based on a true story, The Saved Saint explores the conflict between evangelical Christianity and Mormonism, and the heart-wrenching consequences when believers cast judgement on others.

Co-written with Hellen Riebold, and self-published in 2012


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