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Fields of Glory Cover Reveal

My latest book, Fields of Glory, went to press last week, so today I'm thrilled to be able to reveal the cover.

I love it. I think it conveys the era perfectly, and the colours are both bright and harmonious.

And here's the text from the back cover:

Thundersley, Suffolk, 1942: A young man named Jim Walker shows up at Westleigh Farm, home of the Field family, demanding to be taught how to be a farmer but reluctant to reveal anything about himself.

When Thundersley Hall is bombed by a German spy, and Violet Field is taken into custody by the Ministry of War, it is up to her daughters, Patricia and Eleanor, to work out the connection between their new farmhand and the spy.

But suspicions in wartime run deep. Everyone seems to have a secret, even the Hall’s owner, the aristocratic and handsome Alex Farrell. If his romantic intentions toward Patricia are sincere, why is he so unwilling to help her discover the truth? And can Eleanor trust her growing fondness for the taciturn Jim, …

Essex Book Festival

I awoke to snow this morning, but nevertheless set off for Chelmsford to take part in Essex Authors Day, part of Essex Book Festival. Anything to encourage readers to engage with authors, and buy books.

The event was well-organised. Apparently it happens every year, although this was the first time I'd been invited to take part. I took along a bag of my books which I put on display.

At 10.20 I took the microphone and spoke for fifteen minutes about the process of writing my new book, Fields of Glory, and about the issues presented in writing historical fiction generally. I hadn't prepared anything (apart from printing out a chapter of the book) but my years as a Latter-day Saint have made me comfortable and confident with public speaking.  I wasn't nervous, and was able to wing-it pretty well to a tiny audience of maybe twenty people. (Possibly due to the weather, or maybe the early hour, the event was somewhat poorly attended.)

Speaking to the other authors was really th…

Eight Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started Running

I've been running for about three years. As an overweight middle-aged woman, I'm often asked why I started. Quite simply, I don't know. I think I just woke up one morning and decided I wanted to be a runner. I do remember asking my super-fit neighbour for tips for a beginner, and she didn't have any to suggest. So, a few years down the line, here's what I wish I'd known when I started.

1. You don't need lots of expensive equipment, but you do need the right equipment. You can run in anything comfortable, light, and weather-appropriate, but a good sports bra (if you're a girl!) and a decent pair of trainers are essential. Trainers have to be replaced regularly according to how many miles they've done. I did not know this when I started, and only found out when I started having serious pain in my foot--pain which put paid to my running--and a sports shop assistant showed me that the cushioning on one of my trainers (the one corresponding to the bad f…