Midnight Sunburn

As Twilight fever infected the world (including me) some years ago, I entered a competition on a Facebook page to write a scene from Midnight Sun, Stephenie Meyer’s unwritten version of Twilight from Edward’s point of view. I enjoyed the process so much that I spent much of the year writing the entire book, just for my own amusement. I wrote other Twilight fan fiction which has never seen the light of day, but seeing how Twilight fans were clamouring for Stephenie Meyer to finally finish and publish Midnight Sun, I realised I could do something useful with my draft.

Of course, I couldn't write Midnight Sun because the copyright belongs to Stephenie Meyer, but the law does allow for parodies. So after some research into what parody actually means, I sprinkled some humour into my manuscript, highlighted a few of the foibles  and idiosyncrasies of the original book, and Midnight Sunburn was born. It's a parody, but a gentle and respectful one.

Naturally I had to self-publish this book, but despite that it has been my most successful book so far, both in terms of reviews from readers and actual copies sold and read. I've no plans to parody the rest of the series, or indeed anything else, but my hope is that Midnight Sunburn will give some closure to Twilight fans who are still longing for the promised last book.


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