I support the charity Heartmothers through my writing. I have asked my publishers, Walnut Springs, to donate all my author royalties directly to Heartmothers.

Heartmothers was set up by a good friend of mine, Ruth Williams, who became aware of the work of Somaly Mam rescuing young girls from sex slavery in Cambodia, and  asked how she could help. Although the girls are provided with education and a safe place to live in a special centre in Cambodia, Somaly said that what these girls really missed was a mother who cared for them. (Often their own parents had been the ones to sell them to the brothels.)

Ruth set to work mobilising a group of 80 women to write regularly to these girls, sending gifts occasionally, encouraging and supporting them, and above all, loving them.

I'm one of these Heartmothers, and have been for some years. I'm now writing to my third Heartdaughter, the first two having grown up and moved on. It's lovely to see the progress they make, and the reassurance that comes from having a far-off mother thinking of them and writing to them each month.

The money raised by Heartmothers generally covers the cost of sending gifts and necessary supplies to the girls, but in the past has also helped build and stock a library, and build a new toilet block.

For more information on the work of Heartmothers, or to make a direct donation, go to Heartmothers.net. 


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