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Fifty things I love about Christmas

I've had a bit of a break from blogging for the last month. Having written two blog posts a week all year, I figured I deserved it. This one is a bit self-indulgent too. I've got nothing profound to say about writing (you'll have to wait until January for that), I just wanted, on Christmas Eve eve, to list just a few of the reasons why I love Christmas (in no particular order):

A week (at least) off workMorrison's cranberry and white chocolate bouleSeeing familyHaving such a bad memory that even the presents I bought for myself are a nice surprisePeople smilingChocolate with no excuses or guiltFairytale of New York by Kirsty McColl and the PoguesThe Christmas bumper edition Radio TimesChildren getting excitedTwo weeks off SeminaryA beautiful Christmas tree in my living roomRoast parsnips (the ones they do at the Two Brewers in Chelmsford are the best ever)The Downton Abbey Christmas special (apparently no one dies this year)Choosing perfect presents for people. I wish …