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Book, Review: Dreamwalkers (Part One) by D.M. Andrews

This is the first instalment of what promises to be at the very least a trilogy aimed at young adults. Part 1 is very short indeed–I read it while waiting for the bride to arrive at a wedding–and does a good job of building the intrigue and setting the scene. I knew a bit about lucid dreaming already, and this book neatly takes the concept a step further. I found no errors, typos or editing issues at all, and the writing style is competent and appropriate to the intended readership.
At times it was confusing, and it took me a while to figure out the medieval town setting, but that was probably my fault for not concentrating; I’m sure the clues were there. I also suspect it’s going to be a predictable ending. The real-world news events bore so close a resemblance to the issues going on in the dream city that I wonder why the main characters haven’t joined the dots yet.

With an original idea and compelling and memorable characters, this is a series I will be buying in future.