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What a Drag

Am I the only person fed up of drag shows? A parody of what a real woman is, like black face. Woman are juggling kids, rushing out a wholesome dinner, doing the laundry & cleaning, holding down a job all with period pains & leaky boobs if breast feeding. Enough of the stereotypes. It's my personal opinion that I don't like drag shows and find them demeaning. Promoting one view of being female when in my experience there is so much more to being a woman. Most of it is very unglamorous.  Sharron Davies MBE, Olympic Swimmer
No, Sharron, you're not alone. I agree with you.

Years ago blackface, including on shows like the Black and White Minstrel Show, was considered a homage to black people, celebrating the music of the American south, harmless fun. Now we find the idea of white people pretending to be black horrifying.

Why don't we find the idea of men pretending to be women, in cruel and exaggerated parodies, equally horrifying?

I find drag queens to be a grotesq…