A Worthy Winner

When I started this blog I had hoped that I would be able to spend a good deal of time talking about books. After all, my degree is in English Literature so I love reading good books, and I have been known to write the odd novel here and there.

Unfortunately, my hectic life seems to leave little enough time for blogging, let alone reading books. Not only that, but the books I particularly enjoy are LDS novels, and with the nearest LDS bookstore over an hour away, they are not easy to come by.

Casting an eye over my bookshelf the other day, however, I discovered that I had an LDS novel I hadn't read. I had been sent it by a friend and absent-mindedly consigned it to the shelf, intending to read it when I had more time. So I picked it up, and I'm halfway through reading it.

It is wonderful! The dialogue is pacy and real, the characters are well developed and believable, and the plot just races along with a new surprise on every page. Just when you think you know who is playing whom, something else changes. I'm absolutely loving reading it, and can't wait to find out what is actually going on. It is fresh, different and wonderful entertainment. I heartily recommend it. And apparently so do a good many other people, because it won a Whitney Award last month. The book is Fool Me Twice by Stephanie Black, and deserves that award in every respect. Well done, Stephanie.

And a brief postscript that the friend who sent me the book is another Whitney Winner, and my favourite author - Kerry Blair. Congratulations to you too, Kerry.

So, any other friends want to send me great books?


  1. Great review, Anna. This is the first time I've visited - love your blog. I also am now a follower. Put a mystery, suspence or thriller in front of me and I'm long gone into the world of -well, somewhere else. Contact me at barbarabutler1@yahoo.com and maybe we can get you some of your favorite books a little cheaper. I don't mind researching to find books on sale and get the best shipping rate - even if it is all the way to the UK. Just let me know. I look for bargins and miss going to the Scottsdale, AZ library, where they had an ongoing sale of $1.00 a bag. More times than not, there were brand new books of all genres. Alas, I'm in Texas and don't have a book store of any type close by, much less an LDS store. So I go online to find my bargins, and go to yard sales.
    Didn't mean to discuss other things when I should be commenting on your review of the book. I do get wound up!


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