What Do I Work on Next?

Okay, so I've finished my Magnum Opus Emon and the Emperor (120,000 words) and submitted it, and so it's time to get on with the next project. The question is, which one? I'm hoping you blog readers can help me to decide. Comment to vote! Share this blog so that I can get other opinions! I'm in a quandary and I need your help!

Here are the proposed backliners:

Finders Keepers [Romantic comedy for adult women]
When Jen, Maralee, Amelia and Dolphin meet again at a school reunion they realise that, twenty-five years on, they are all still single. And so they decide to meet regularly to help each other navigate the perilous forty-something dating scene. But there's a twist - the first one of them to find a "keeper" will have her wedding paid for by the others. Through romantic blunder after dating disaster and hilarious misunderstanding, the women each come to understand more about themselves, and why they are looking for love.

The Saved Sinner [Poignant and thoughtful adult novel written from alternating points of view]
Jeanette Hesketh is thrilled when her LDS missionary son, Harley, returns home. But Harley hasn’t been home for long before he announces that he’s been “saved” and is forsaking his membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Not only that, but he wants his mother and sister to join him in his new “born again” life and, as far as Jeanette can tell, will stop at nothing to achieve his aim. But Jeanette won’t let Harley destroy her family or her faith, and she has a few tricks up her sleeve too.

Blackwood [Gothic horror for children aged 9-15]
Orphaned sisters Prudence, Patience, Temperance and Chastity Blackwood live alone in a rambling old mansion from which they run a successful antiques business. Successful largely because of the sisters' unique abilities to relate to the previous owners of unusual old objects, from a suit of armour to a mysterious locked chest.

Emon and Emara [Young adult/crossover fantasy sequel]
Emon never wanted to be Emperor, and he's finding it harder than he ever imagined. So he leaves the Empire to search for Emara, taking with him five of the newest recruits from the shathan programme including nerdy and nervous Kevin, gung-ho gangster Vito, and shallow and petulant Essa. But Emara's world is more dangerous than he had imagined, and Terran seems to have his own reasons for trying to keep Emon away from her.

So, which of these should be next? Which are you most looking forward to reading?


  1. I'd vote for Blackwood. This seems to be an incredibly popular category these days, or maybe just around my area. Could be a breakthrough to a more varied audience. On the other hand many readers want the same stuff from the same author. Can't say I'd vote against the others though.


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