Why Being a Part-Time Writer is a Full-Time Job

No time to blog today, I have to:

  • Link to my new book (No Escape) on Shelfari so that it appears on the widget on my blog
  • Update my Facebook page with a reminder to enter the competition to win a copy of No Escape.
  • Read a recently published book and post reviews on Amazon, Shelfari and Goodreads so that the author will return the favour and give me some publicity for No Escape.
  • Add an Amazon link to my blog so that readers can buy No Escape.
  • Fix a problem with my author website which has lost the side menu.
  • Update said website  to announce the release of No Escape.
  • Arrange to have my profile put on LDS Author Network
  • Send a chapter of a current work-in progress to a beta reader
  • Beta read two novels and report in detail to the authors regarding suggested improvements.
  • Research the cost of antique suits of armour for Blackwood, a work-in-progress about an antique shop.
  • Organise a launch party for No Escape.
  • Look into the possibility of doing a blog tour to publicise No Escape and make the necessary contacts.
  • Research the submission requirements, particularly query letter suggestions, for UK agents.
  • Perfect my query letter accordingly and send Emon and the Emperor to another UK agent.
  • Research the language used by evangelical Christians and how it conflicts or causes confusion with language used by LDS Christians for another work in progress, The Saved Saint.
  • Write 500 words of one of my works-in-progress in accordance with my New Year's Resolution.
Anyway, at least I've got "make an Author to-do list" out of the way.


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