Launch Parties

A friend and I are launching a book next month. It's rather exciting, really, because it'll be my first self-published title (and her first anyway-published title) and I feel we really should mark the occasion with a party. Any excuse to get out the chocolate fountain.

They seem to be all the rage these days -my Facebook events page tells me that I could go to one every day this week- so I suspect it really is de rigueur for the discerning author. But I'm not really sure how this celebration of our literary contribution is to be achieved.

When my first book, Haven, was published I held a party. I booked a room in a local small hotel, and we had canapĂ©s, and I sat at a table with copies of my book which I offered to sell to the friends and family who attended. I think I sold two copies, and the cost of the party ended up being more than I made in royalties, but, it being my first book, I didn't suspect that at time. It ended up feeling like rather too much of a "Yay, me!" exercise, looking back, and that was almost a decade before London Tipton, ahem, graced our screens. Throwing a party to celebrate the wonderfulness of me? Erm, not when I'm working hard on my humility these days. (Maybe Hellen and I could be throwing a party to celebrate the wonderfulness of each other. I certainly know I couldn't have written this book without her.)

Many things have changed in the twelve years since my first launch party. In fact, some people are holding their launch parties online these days. How, I have no idea. I mean, do attendees sit at their screens with a canapĂ© and a drink and Skype about the book? (Because I've been to better parties, and I don't drink.)

Apparently I might consider holding the party in a local bookshop, or library. Now, forgive my ignorance, but I hadn't hitherto believed libraries to be places which were very keen on hosting rowdy parties. And since it's entirely possible that my new release will be an ebook only, I think I'm going to have a tough time pitching it to bookshops.

I'm going to have to give this party thing some thought. Any suggestions? In the meantime, we're having an End-of-all-the-Olympics party (during the closing ceremony of the Paralympic games) so I'm off to dust off the chocolate fountain.


  1. Anna, I wouldn't dismiss the library. As you are already an established published author the libriarians might be keen on doing a 'rah' for the local talent. Especially if you were able to get some publicity.

    Re: publicity. You mentioned that the book might press some nerves and encourage a lot of discussion. Well, why not get in touch with the Essex Chronicle and see if they are interested in interviewing you and Hellen? It would be worth a shot.

    But whatever you do, don't forget to dust off that chocolate fountain. :)


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