Stick to the Day Job

I recently came across this gem on an Amazon discussion. The writer had started the discussion because he had had a bad review for his first self-published book and wanted to know how he could get good reviews. Here's what he had to say (copied and pasted):

I av bin writing for about 5-6 years now n i fort id got it as good as i could really. I con tek bad reviews so long as I know what iv done wrong an con improve.

I am certain this gentleman is an excellent car electrician (his day job, according to comments later in his post) but he is not a good writer. I think I could tell him why he got a bad review. I suspect his reviewer paid good money for his book and was very disappointed to discover that the author had the literacy level of a six-year-old.

Sorry to be so harsh, mate, but if you can't write, don't. And the trick to getting good reviews is to write a good book.


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