Blog Tour Book Review: Make It Happen by Kylee Shields

In August 2004 I found myself single, obviously pregnant, and moving into a new LDS ward. Not an ideal situation, and one I was, naturally, somewhat embarrassed and self-conscious about. I was almost introducing myself to ward members with the words, "The divorce came through just two weeks ago!" But as luck would have it I had moved into the most wonderful ward in the world, and no one assumed, or judged, or speculated, or gossiped. Instead they set about making me feel welcome and threw me a house-warming party and then a baby shower - the first I'd ever had, despite it being my third baby.

Shortly thereafter several members conspired to suggest a particular single man in the ward as worthy of my attention and Roderic and I married in the London Temple in August 2006.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I know what it's like to be single in a church which values marriage above almost everything else, but only just. So I cast my mind back to those months of Single Adult Conventions, dire dances, awkward firesides and quiet desperation, and opened this book.

"Make what Happen?" I wondered vaguely as I did so. "Marriage?"

Only a few chapters in I realised I that this isn't a book about surviving single-hood, or finding a spouse, or dating (argh!) or learning to live with the burden of being alone. Far from it. This is a book about having a wonderful, fulfilling and happy life. At that point I decided that the subtitle–"A Guide to Happiness for LDS Singles"–really ought to be the title, and "Make It Happen" should be the subtitle (the "It" being "Happiness"). But then, titles need to be short and snappy.

Make It Happen is a book about having dreams and knowing how to follow them, about being a person who recognises and responds to need, and about getting out of the self-destructive "woe-is-me" rut and living your single life to the full.

In fact, I confess to a little envy, because those unburdened with family responsibilities have more opportunities to travel, to experiment, to make a difference, to fulfil dreams, and I think that is also the "it" which this book helps us to make happen. At one point, for example, the author lists ten of her life goals and then explains how she went about accomplishing them. Well, I have life goals too (finish painting the bathroom is right up there at number 1 at the moment) but they will all have to wait until my children have grown up. Assuming I have any energy left by then.

I'm going to make a dramatic step here and recommend this book to everyone, not just LDS singles. That's right, I mean you Smug Marrieds too. It's a great, life-affirming book whoever you are and wherever you are in life.


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Make It Happen is a collection of principles, blog entries, stories, and conversations had on couches, floors, kitchen tables, and at many single-adult gatherings. It is filled with practical ways to make changes in your life, find hope, increase faith, strengthen relationships, and build the kingdom. The book can be purchased online atDeseret Book and Amazon.


  1. Very interesting post. I have added Make it Happen to my read list.


  2. Great review and thanks so much for being part of the blog tour Anna!

  3. WOW! Thanks so much for your kinds words Anna! I truly appreciate your words of wisdom and for being a part of my book blog tour!


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