Introducing The Husband Hunt

My last novel, Fields of Glory, was published in April this year, and any day now my next book, The Husband Hunt, will hit the shelves. I feel suddenly prolific!

Just to clarify, though, I didn't write an entire book in three months. In fact, The Husband Hunt is the product of the best part of a decade of work. I first came up with the idea of four friends having a competition to see which of them can find a man to marry first in around 2005. It would be a comedy, I decided, and include lots of hilarious disastrous dates.

To help with the "research" I fired up the chocolate fountain and invited all my female friends over for a party at which they would each talk about their dating adventures. It was a really fun evening, and we heard some stories which left us open-mouthed in astonishment, many of which made it into the book. When you read the book bear in mind that almost all the dating disasters in it are genuine incidents. (My personal favourite is the only proposal in the book, which happened to my friend Sue.)

I've been working on it, on and off, for the last ten years, but with the success of Fields of Glory, my World War II novel, my publishers were keen to bring out another book from me, and The Husband Hunt is the result. Its working title was Finders Keepers (which is why the mythical perfect man is referred to as a "keeper" quite often in the book) but I changed the name to The Husband Hunt when I submitted it, and, for once, my title was kept. The cover design was the more problematic factor with this book, but I'm very happy with how it ended up.

I'm pleased with the book itself too. I'm still learning my craft, but I think this is my best thing I've written so far. It touches on some serious issues - sexual harassment, alcoholism, mental illness - and I've deliberately made my characters not always likeable, but I think it still maintains a light tone. I hope you enjoy it!

On that note, I'm looking for reviewers - as many as possible! You'll be sent a free PDF of the book, but in return you'll be expected to read it quickly, then post an honest review on Amazon, Deseret Book, and any blog or social media you have. (If you're a writer yourself I'm happy to return the favour for your next book.) Just drop me a message through my Facebook page ( including your email address, and I'll send you the PDF. So if you'd love to read the book but can't quite afford to buy it at the moment, here's your opportunity.

And if you can quite afford it, here's where to buy it in the UK and in the US.


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