Some Christmas Gift Ideas

While I don't hold myself out to be any sort of expert in gift buying (I once bought my sister a packet of Pez for Christmas) I thought it might be helpful at this time of year to share a few ideas of gifts which have been well received.

Studio do a personalised bathrobe, for men, women and children, at just £7.99. It's not terrible quality for the price too. Last year almost everyone in our family ended up with one, and mine is still going strong.

Got a chocoholic friend  who's always on a diet? My "joke" gift this year is a hamper of chocolate-not-chocolate. It includes chocolate scented shower gel, lip balm, moisturiser, and a face mask, plus a small jigsaw puzzle of chocolate, a chocolate scented candle, and anything else I find between now and Christmas that's chocolate but not edible. (And because I'm not that cruel, the follow-up gift will be her favourite actual chocolate.)

If you've a whole family to buy for take out the hassle of figuring out what each person wants and get them a family night in hamper. You could include a board game or two, popcorn tubs and kernels, and a DVD. If you want to push the boat out you could even include a popcorn machine. The hamper itself could be just a box covered with wrapping paper. The beauty of this gift is that it can be at any price level - Poundland sell some good DVDs, games and popcorn boxes.

For the carnivore in your life, what about a sausage maker? It enables you to choose your own cuts of meat, and mix in the spices and flavourings of your choice to make great homemade sausages. We've found that low-fat ones tend to be a little dry, but it's fun to experiment with ingredients.

Encourage a friend to go green by assembling a green bathroom hamper. You could include a bamboo toothbrush (around £4 in supermarkets), stainless steel razor with extra blades (£2 in Tesco), a natural sponge or loofah, and bar shampoo, bar shower gel and bar conditioner. Make the packaging environmentally friendly too by packing it in a cardboard box decorated with Christmas stamps or pictures, and lining it with shredded paper.

Just a few ideas, and I'll add to this post as I think of others.


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