Please Judge my Book by its Cover

My new book is out next month - yay! It's been a couple of years since my last book was published and so this one is rather overdue. Also I'm really happy with it. I think it's one of my best and people might enjoy it. I hope so, anyway.

It's a Regency romance called "Her Ladyship's Secret" and here's the all-important blurb:

Thundersley, Suffolk, 1813: When Mr. Wilson, a travelling minister, arrives in the rural parish of Thundersley, Catherine Waters is intrigued by the man himself and by his connection to her reclusive and mysterious neighbour, Lady Forrester. Through Mr. Wilson, Catherine is drawn into the world of Thundersley Hall, where her cousin finds forbidden love.

After Mr. Wilson leaves Suffolk to continue his work elsewhere, the dashing village doctor, Mr. Davenport, is on hand to offer Catherine love, security, and help in uncovering the secrets that threaten to destroy all she holds dear. In the end it is Lady Forrester’s most closely guarded secret that could save Catherine’s family from ruin and allow her to hope for happiness.

And here's the cover:

Isn't that just the most beautiful book cover ever? I absolutely love it, especially as the back cover picks up that beautiful purple. It shows my heroine, Catherine Waters, looking at Thundersley Hall, home of Lady Forrester. (Yes, I did name the fictional village after the village I live in.)

What makes me love it even more is this:

It's the cover of one of my previous novels, set in the same fictional village 130 years later during World War II. And that cover shows one of my heroines, Patricia Field, looking at Thundersley Hall. I love how it's the same building, and each cover is so evocative of the time, and the tone of the novel.

I'm just in awe of my amazing cover designer, Tracy Anderson. Thank you, Tracy. 

I hope you'll think my story lives up to its cover - because the cover is stunning.


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